Blast-off into our Milky Way Rewards Program
We are looking for recruits to blast-off into the Milky Way, explore the planets, and earn ultra-rare Future Kid rewards. Sound like something you would be interested in? Well, you are in luck, because you are already part of the program.

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The more you play, the sooner you will reach Mars Club and beyond. The further you travel into the Future Kid galaxy, the more perks you will get, simple as that! Check out all the amazing perks you will be armed with when you land on a new planet.


+ 50 Shooting Stars


+ 100 Shooting Stars

Every Future Kid is automatically part of the Milky Way Rewards Program. You start here on Earth, a lovely little planet, but adventure beckons and we want you to jet off to Mars, to Jupiter and beyond! Check the chart below to see how to jump from planet to planet.

‘How do we do this’ you ask? Well, we want you to PLAY!! Yes, you heard, all you need to do is have fun! Every time you swipe your Power Card at Future Kid, you rack up more Shooting Stars, and the more Shooting Stars you get, the better the rewards. It could be discounts, VIP invites, blogger meetups, or any number of exciting surprises. You can check your progress at any time by logging into your Future Kid account profile.

So buckle up, recruit, and get ready to blast off into the Milky Way.

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While playing is the best way to catch those shooting stars, there are also big bundles of them for you to uncover. When you do the following things, you get the following shooting stars. It’s that simple! Enjoy, fellow astronauts!

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+ 30 Shooting Stars

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+ 150 Shooting Stars

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+ 500 Shooting Stars